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Please note that image sharpness on these pages may suffer slightly due to the large amount of compression used on these sample image files in an effort to speed page loading.

#4-648 Giant Water Bug & Central Mud Minnow #4-401 Ichneumon Wasp, ovipositing
Giant Water Bug with captured Central Mud Minnow Ichneumon Wasp, female ovipositing eggs in log
#4-524 Lightening Bug (Firefly) #4-448 Honey Bee & Orange Hawkweed
Lightening Bug (Firefly) Honey Bee on Orange Hawkweed
#4-418 Fruit Fly ovipositing on thistle. #4-841 "Dog Day" Cicada
Fruit Fly ovipositing on thistle flower "Dog Day" Cicada
#4-829 Colorado Potato Beetle & its eggs #4-444 Virgin Tiger Moth
Colorado Potato Beetle and its eggs Virgin Tiger Moth

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