Reflections of Nature / Nature Photos


All Images on these pages are Digimarc watermarked and copyright protected --- please contact us to discuss the purchase of photo usage rights for these or other images.

Please note that image sharpness on these pages may suffer slightly due to the large amount of compression used on these sample image files in an effort to speed page loading.

#3-3840 Northern Cardinal #3-3623 Wood duck
Northern Cardinal in spruce tree Wood duck drake
#3-1967 American Goldfinch #3-2400 Ruffed Grouse, displaying
#3-2991 Nashville Warbler (adult & nestlings) #3-3880 Bald Eagle
Nashville Warbler adult and nestlings Bald Eagle adult in flight
#3-3683 Rose-breasted Grosbeak, nestlings #3-2785 Pileated Woodpecker (adult & nestlings)
Rose-breasted Grosbeak, hungry nestlings Pileated Woodpecker, adult & nestlings


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