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Fund Raising Programs

Growing Together

The library is the center of lifelong learning in any community. It provides materials, services, programs and facilities for people of all ages. As the needs of library patrons and technology change, the library must also change. You can help ensure that future generations will have a library that has grown and developed to meet those needs.

You can also help endow those "extras" such as new acquisitions, programs and special projects which enhance the services offered to all who use the library. Your donation to The Medford Library Foundation, Inc., The Friends of the Library, or the Youth Activities Committee (YAC) helps maintain an area resource for you and the community.

Friends of the Library | The Medford Library Foundation | YAC

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Frances L. Simek Memorial Library, Inc. (Friends) is a non-profit 501{c}-3 organization, dedicated to aid and promote the activities and services of the Frances L. Simek Memorial Library-Medford.

The Friends of the Library fundraising activities include the Semi-annual Book Sale

Also, check out the Friends page.

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The Medford Library Foundation, Inc.

The Medford Library Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted to supporting the Frances L. Simek Memorial Library with a permanent endowment. Its mission is to benefit the community by raising, managing and distributing funds to support library offerings and services.

Board of Directors Officers
Liz Archibald Carol O'Leary President Michael Shiffler
Elmer O. Balko Shirley M. Lemke Vice President  
Bill Grunewald Mary K. Sarver Secretary Shirley M. Lemke
Michael Shiffler Monelle Johnson Treasurer Deb Woods

The Library Giving Tree

The Giving Tree

A Tree will be displayed on the wall of the library and the names of all donors of $500 or more will be included.

Donor Levels
$500 - $999 Bronze Leaf
$1,000 - $4,999 Gold Leaf
$5,000 - $9,999 Acorn
$10,000+ Boulder

Donations can be made by contacting:

Medford Library Foundation, Inc.
400 North Main Street
Medford, WI 54451

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The YAC (Youth Activities Committee) are a library youth group at the Frances L. Simek Memorial Library in Medford. The group was founded in 2006 when the first member signed up.

What exactly does YAC do?

Students in grades 5-12 come in after school, in the summer, or whenever they have time to volunteer. Tasks may include straightening shelves, scanning and putting away books, or anything else to help out the library. In addition to volunteering, we have occasional meetings and fundraisers. The money we raise goes toward new materials for the library.

Some of the fund raisers that the YAC have held in the past are:

  • Bake Sales
  • Aluminum Can Drive
  • Hot Chocolate Sales
  • Host Movie Showings

The money than gets donated back to the library in ways that the members of the YAC see fit at the present time. The YAC started the library's Wii game collection and have helped out with many other collections that may have needed some new materials. Also, the YAC like to donate to feed and take care of your library pets.

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