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Friends Of The Library

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Who We Are

The Friends of the Frances L. Simek Memorial Library, Inc. (Friends) is a non-profit 501{c}-3 organization, dedicated to aid and promote the activities and services of the Frances L. Simek Memorial Library-Medford. Friends of the Library are the special people who give freely of their time, energy and enthusiasm to accomplish these goals. This Membership Form is an editable PDF file that can be filled in and then printed to send with your dues to:

Friends of the Library
400 North Main Street
Medford, WI 54451

There are volunteer projects to fit different times and talents. Volunteerism provides a chance to enhance the library and help the staff. Do you have some extra time? Are you looking for something new and would like to help the library? Join the FOL Volunteers.

Volunteers can arrange their schedules for their convenience. Some people work on a regular schedule coming in once a week. Others prefer coming in when help is needed as an on-call volunteer.

It is easy to become a library volunteer. Just contact FOL Volunteer Coordinator Sharon Beilfus or the library (748-2505).

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What We Do

FOL members give support financially to the library, and many also choose to participate in other FOL sponsored activities such as:

  • Semi-annual Book Sale - twice a year the FOL volunteers organize a used book sale. Books donated by the public are for sale during the three day event (first day is FOL members only).
  • Assisting the Library Staff - Some people volunteer to come in on a regular basis and help the staff where and when needed. On occasion, volunteers provide hospitality needs for various library and FOL functions.
  • Shelf Help Day - The staff decides which area of the library needs a little extra tender loving care to make it more attractive and easier for the public to use. The Friends volunteer their time to get the job done.
  • Story time - Story time provides a high quality, developmental and age appropriate literature for preschool children during the school year.
  • Reading Discussion Series - The FOL Readers' Group meets in the large conference room on the third Tuesday of September, November, January, March and May at 7:00 pm for discussion of that month's featured book.
  • Tending The Library Gardens - Since we do not employ a gardener, the Friends took over the duties of planting and caring for the library gardens. This project is under the leadership of Liz Archibald.
  • Display Shelves - The Friends change displays on the shelves at the library entrance. This is the perfect place to display additions to the library collection and let patrons know what is available at the library.
  • Events - Various presentation are sponsored by the FOL to share interesting topics or experiences with the community.
  • Publishing The FOL Membership Newsletter
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When and Where We Meet

The Friends of the Library meet the 4th Monday of every month at Frances L. Simek Memorial Library in the large conference room at 7pm. There are no meetings in June, July, August or December.

Members receive a newsletter to keep them abreast of upcoming events that is published quarterly. They also have a special "members only" early shopping night for the book sale. But the biggest reward for becoming a member is the satisfaction of participating in the development of a first-class library.

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FOL Funded Projects

The Friends bring in funds through membership dues, contributions and various fund raising activities. These funds provide:

  • Monthly stipend to purchase new books, videos, Wii games or other library media.
  • Annual support for the Children's Summer Reading Program and other children's programming.
  • Purchase of the annual Caldecott and Newbury award books.
  • Purchase of computer software to enable patrons to utilize computers withour staff intervention.
  • Support for the continuing development of our library.
  • Additions to the library computer equipment.
  • Purchase of the microfilm reader and its related maintenance.
  • Book prizes for the Open House during National Library Week.
  • Continuing additions to the library collection.
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FOL Newsletter

Newsletters are downloadable in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader (free Acrobat Reader download) to open.

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FOL Board of Directors

Members at large:
Friends of the Library Board of Directors
President Kim Wilson
Vice President Monelle Johnson
Secretary Julie Prihoda
Treasurer Mindy Thomas
Members at Large:
Doreen Eldred Gail Hoffmann
Judy Pinkston Mary Bix
Rose Marie Lebebvre  
Standing Committees:
Volunteers Ardis Meier
Membership Doreen Eldred
Garden Kurt Radtke
Newsletter Corinne Liske
Display Shelves  
Hospitality Joleen Dassow
Ex-Officio Members:
Erica Clarkson, Director Open Position, Library Board Member
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Semi-annual Book Sale

The Friends of the Library sponsor a book sale twice a year - in Spring and Fall. The proceeds of the sale help with special project needs at the library.

The dates and hours of the Spring 2018 sale are:

Date Time
Wednesday, April 25, 2018 1-7PM (Members Only)
Thursday, April 26 9am-7pm
Friday, April 27 9am-5pm
Saturday, April 28 9am-noon

The dates and hours of the Fall 2018 sale are:

Date Time
Wednesday, October 17, 2018 1-7PM (Members Only)
Thursday, October 18 9am-7pm
Friday, October 19 9am-5pm
Saturday, October 20 9am-noon

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