Buttercup Individual Class Trophy and Leader Board Scoring Guidelines

For each class that a competitor competes in, points are awarded as follows:

1st Place 5 points
2nd Place 4 points
3rd Place 3 points
4th or lower 1 point

If there are fewer than 3 boats in a class at a race, the organizers reserve the right to maintain that class as is, or to combine it with another same type of boat class to make a full class for event purposes. As examples, combining C2 with C2W to form a single class, or K1 with K1W.

Points are cumulative throughout the Series. Those with the 3 highest point totals in each award class receive 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies at the end of season banquet. However, some classes may be combined for class trophy purposes, in which case, the higher class score will always be used. You must compete in at least two races for that class to be eligible for trophies.

For Leader Board point purposes the total number of points earned at a race event will not necessarily tally with those added to your Leader Board position. This is to prevent double dipping. As an example, a competitor racing K1 Rec (long) and a K1 Rec (short) Boats at an individual event may only have the higher place finish counted for Leader Board purposes. Similarly, those racing in two person boats (C2s and OC2s) in the same class, may only count the highest place finish toward Leader Board points. If you make 3 runs with a different partner each time, only the highest place points are included in the Leader Board tally.

Trophy Award Tie-Breakers. In the event of a tie for any of the trophies awarded the following tie-breakers are used to determine award.

The competitor who attended the most Buttercup races for that year receives the trophy.

If Equal, then
The competitor who is attending the Last Ditch race for that year receives the trophy.

If Equal, then
The competitor with the faster run (including penalties) for that class receives the trophy.

If Equal, then
A toss of a coin determines the trophy winner.

No person may win the Buttercup (Leader Board) Trophy two years in a row. If a racer places first in any two consecutive years, the next highest placed racer will receive the trophy for that second year.